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2003-2008 Volkswagen GTI


  Year Make Model
Odometer Engine
Condition MMR Lane
  2008 VOLKSWAGEN GTIWVWHD71K98W295060 GrayBlack 22,673 4 CylinderNot Specified CR4.4CR 4.4
  2008 VOLKSWAGEN GTIWVWHD71K98W295060 GrayBlack 22,673 4 CylinderNot Specified CR4.4CR 4.4
  2008 VOLKSWAGEN GTIWVWHV71K88W089631 GrayGray 57,692 mi 4 Cylinder TurboAutomatic CR1.9CR 1.9
$11,300 5 / 8 Simulcast
  2008 VOLKSWAGEN GTI*WVWEV71K28W025975 BlackGray 96,853 mi Not SpecifiedManual SDSD NOT_SPECIFIED
  2007 VOLKSWAGEN GTI*WVWFV71KX7W154808 OrangeNot Specified 33,645 4 CylinderAutomatic NOT_SPECIFIED
  2007 VOLKSWAGEN GTIWVWFV71K67W043009 GrayGray 95,009 mi 4 Cylinder TurboAutomatic CR3.5CR 3.5
$8,325 10 / 101 Simulcast
  2007 VOLKSWAGEN GTI 2-Door*WVWFV71K67W279076 RedGray 83,262 mi Not SpecifiedNot Specified AS ISNOT_SPECIFIED
  2007 VOLKSWAGEN GTI FAHRENHEITWVWFV71K07W029252 SilverNot Specified 51,920 mi 4 Cylinder TurboAutomatic CR4.4CR 4.4
MMR 34 / 5 Simulcast
  2007 VOLKSWAGEN GTI Fahrenheit*WVWFV71K07W156406 OrangeBlack 59,110 mi 4 CylinderAutomatic AS ISNOT_SPECIFIED
  2006 VOLKSWAGEN NEW GTI*WVWFV71K86W145071 GrayBlack 81,404 4 CylinderAutomatic NOT_SPECIFIED
  2006 VOLKSWAGEN NEW GTI 2-DoorWVWEV71K36W124902 WhiteGray 50,119 mi 4 CylinderManual CRCR NOT_SPECIFIED
  2003 VOLKSWAGEN GTI*9BWDE61J234078327 GrayBlack 96,238 mi 4 CylinderManual SDSD NOT_SPECIFIED

Inventory is subject to change without notice. Buyer is responsible for verifying vehicle information prior to sale.

*Vehicle is not at auction.

**MMR values shown on PowerSearch correspond to the national average wholesale prices that have been adjusted for mileage. The averages are calculated from aggregated Manheim transaction history.

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