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Wholesale to the Public! 




This page was setup for an Auto Auction Orlando client - If you are not a client fill out our Vehicle Request Form and Buy Direct and Save Thousands! 

Frequently Asked Questions

You pay directly to the auction. Only pay us for access. 

Yes. Because Manheim does a pre-sales condition report as well as offering a POST-SALE INSPECTION they offer a 14day/250Mile guarantee on all Green Light Vehicles, and if a vehicle does not get a green light we won't sell it. Also, OVE vehicles get same warranty and you can return it no questions asked within 14 day/250 mile period.

Every deal is different and especially with an auction. Just remember this. you will be buying the same place dealers are buying vehicles from and mark-up to put on their lot.



  • You review the vehicle list I sent you and send me the VIN numbers of anything that looks interesting.
  • I send you CR, larger pictures and you take this information and decide what your favorites are and what you want to bid on them.
  • I prepare an ALL-IN EXCEL SHEET covering EVERYTHING (tax, tag, fees, shipping if applicable, etc)
  • We make a list with our choices in order of favorites and our MAX BID.
  • On auction day, I will bid on them and keep you informed as the vehicles go thru.
  • If we win a bid, within 24 hours you would meet me at the auction center with a certified check made out to the auction center for the wholesale amount.
  • I put a dealer plate on the vehicle and drive it to my shop where we do the paperwork, pay the taxes, my fee and I issue you a temp tag or tag transfer for you current plate.
  • If you have a pre-approved bank loan or can’t come to pick up vehicle within the 48 hours, we have alternate payment/pick-up/delivery options and we can discuss your specific needs during our next conversation.
  • You would scan and email me your D/L, Insurance, and Tag Registration if we are doing a tag transfer.

We can try to refer you to a financial institution to get approved for a loan. Contact us if you are interested!

Yes. We have had Canadians buy through us and have the cars shipped to them there. Also, purchased in Seattle, WA and had the car shipped to Orlando, FL. This is truly North America wide and we can help you. Now the lower end vehicles it won't make much sense to pay $500-$1000 for shipping a 10k vehicle, but you catch the drift.

The CONDITION REPORT (the number) is a deciding factor on the end price:


I PERSONALLY, LIKE THE 2 AND 3's and after pre-inspections (WHICH I / WE DO DAY BEFORE THE AUCTION), the lower graded vehicles can be AMAZING DEALS, as the MMR's are lower due mostly to cosmetic issues and are not really that bad (usually just dirty interior, scuffs, scratches, normal wear stuff) and the Manheim inspectors detail EVERYTHING because they don't want simulcast bidders complaining. This is why they over emphasis most issues and issue lower grades.

An SD is a Sellers' Disclosure - A comment or description done by the seller not manheim auction. Manheim is CR - See our FAQ on what is a CR.

A CR is a condition report, comments and description done by Manheim Auction.

OVE.COM is the dealers version of eBay...there may be a starting bid, a minimum reserve, and a BUY NOW PRICE PRICE which I can get you if you send me the VIN....OVE sellers can ASK whatever they want, and as your Auto Auction Broker - If you are interested in an OVE car I will call the Dealer and try to negotiate a better price for you.

The MMR is the averaged out price done by a computer program. If 10 vehicles sold between $15K and $20K, the computer will spit out $17.5K MMR

Manheim has set the industry standard for buying and selling used vehicles at live auctions and online. Manheim brings together qualified sellers and volume buyers of used vehicles that include automotive dealerships, banks, car rental agencies, car manufacturers and government agencies. Manheim offers its customers a reliable and secure market in which to purchase a variety of vehicles and services that no other remarketing provider can match.

MMR (manheim market report) is a tool that will help users find pricing on vehicles that interest them most, across all of Manheim's inventories. In addition to basic information, Internet MMR provides users with pricing projections, transactions listing, auctions listing, summary information and a variety of reports based on their selection.

Cars that get a green light from the auction post-sale inspection get a 14 day / 250 mile warranty. You can send the car back no questions asked within this time frame. Most used car dealerships will not give you this type of option.

No. If you are looking to test drive a car you need to buy from a retail car lot. All Auction cars come with a 14 day/250 mile warranty and a condition report that lists everything about that car by a certified mechanic. That is your test drive.

What we can do is get an estimate from a body shop we have been working with for years on how much the repairs would be. This is another way we can save you money. If you take your car to a local body shop you will get a higher estimate than us, because we have done such volume with this body shop we get a better rate. Now, this estimate be worked into the  price of the car and we can take the car from auction directly there and then when you get it – have those repairs done and you are driving in style.