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Wholesale to the Public! 




Example of Customer Wasting Auto Auction Orlando Time - Please do not fill out form if you have unreasonable expectations.



Above is a perfect example of someone who is just wasting our time. 2011 Ford Edge under $7500 is not going to happen. Please do not fill out the vehicle request form if you are not serious about buying. We can save you money, but you are not going to steal a vehicle. A 2011 Ford Edge is going for upwards of 15k. Half price on that? We would buy it ourselves and mark it up and sell to someone. Do not waste our time please. A 2011 Ford Edge at Auction under $7500 would probably be close to totaled. We won't sell any vehicles over 100k because we offer 14 day / 200 mile warranty on all of them. 


Anyone that sends an unrealistic budget we will send this vehicle to you to buy - CLICK HERE!